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The Purple Poop Bag

 100% Recycled Post Consumer Resin certified

30 Roll Case

6000 Bags

8" X 13"



$185 Per Case


 The Purple Poop Bag

Purple Is The New Green
The ONLY Certified, 100% Post-Consumer Resin, Dog Waste Bag

No Other Dog Bag Supplier Can Make, Or Substantiate, This Environmental Claim

Engineered And Produced In North America. Fits All Commercial Roll Bag Dispensers
Made From Waste Plastics (Milk Jugs, Stretch Wrap, Etc.) 

Discarded By Consumers And Businesses, Headed For Our Landfills

Those Plastics Were Diverted, Washed, Re-Melted And Made Into The Purple Poop Bag

Environmental Benefits:
*Plastic Waste Saved From Reaching Our Landfills
*No New Plastic Was Used To Make The Purple Poop Bag
*100% Certified, Post-Consumer Resin

Finally, A Bag That Has A True Environmental Benefit. It Doesn't Use New Bio-Materials 

(Corn, Sugar) Or Chemical Degrading Additives, Like EPI And D2

 (Additives The FTC Does Not Recognize As Having Any Environmental Benefit)

The Purple Poop Bag™ Is Your BEST Earth-Friendly Dog Bag Option
Bag Size: 8" X 13" 

200 Bags Per Roll
Case Pack: 30 Rolls = 6000 Bags